Your Guide to Core Gliding Discs

by William Duffield on August 08, 2020

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Please read these instructions prior to using the gliding discs.  Consult your Doctor before beginning any exercise program.  If you experience any pain, dizziness or shortness of breath when performing any of the movements described, stop all activity immediately and consult your Doctor.  If you are taking any medication you should consult your Doctor before beginning any exercise program.  The exercises described here are to be used as guidelines only and are not to be treated as a substitute for any exercise routine or treatment regimen prescribed to you by your Doctor. 

  • Perform only the exercises as shown on this guide.
  • Keep abdominal muscles tight when performing the exercises.
  • Avoid straining or holding breath during exercise.
  • Perform each exercise in a slow and controlled manner.
  • Use a full range of motion during each exercise.
  • Perform an equal number of repetitions on each side to avoid the development of muscle imbalances.

Workout Guidelines

  • Aim to perform 10-20 reps of most exercises, based on where you are with your current fitness level. Beginners should aim for 10 reps, while more advanced trainees may be able to hit the 20 rep mark.
  • Rest approximately 30-60 seconds between each exercise set.
  • Perform each exercise a maximum of 2-3 times per week.
  • Allow 24-48 hours of complete rest between each exercise session using the fitness sliders.
  • If you are unable to complete at least 10 repetitions through a full range of motion, increase the rest time between exercise sets.

Tip: If using on carpets, place the smooth sides against the floor.  For hard floors such as wood or tile, place the fabric side against the floor.



Whether you are new to fitness or are a seasoned pro, you are in for a real treat because you are about to learn about one of the hottest fitness products to hit the market. If you’ve been following the fitness space for a good amount of time, chances are, you’re familiar with the standard fitness equipment. You have your cardio machines – the bike, the treadmill, and the elliptical trainer, along with your free weight and machine weight options. Dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates make up the free weight section of your gym while a wide variety of diff­erent machines make up the other area. If none of these appeal to you or if you’re frankly just sick of your standard old routine, core gliding discs are about to revolutionize your workout and will, without a doubt, give you something to be looking forward to. In the following guide, you’re going to learn what these discs are, the benefits to using them, and how to immediately get started building a complete workout program that will hit all the major muscles in your body in less than 20 minutes. Fitness is about to get fun, so stay tuned.


What Core Gliding Discs Are

Core gliding discs are circular shaped discs, similar to the size a large coaster would be, that you can place along any smooth surfaced floor and glide. Once on the floor, weight is then placed on these discs and they can be moved about in any direction you desire based on the exercise that you are doing. These discs are incredibly lightweight, so the great news is they can be virtually taken anywhere you are going. If you need to get in a quick workout at the office, as long as you have a smooth floor surface and some workout gear with you, you can make great use of them. Likewise, if you’re traveling on vacation, they can easily be stashed in your suitcase or overnight bag and brought to any hotel you might be staying at. Core gliding discs are the most versatile fitness tool available, thus there is no longer an excuse to not get a workout in. So now that you have a better idea of what these discs are, let’s talk about the benefits.

Benefi­ts to Using Core Gliding Discs

So what benefits can you expect to get from using core gliding discs? Apart from the fact you can take these discs anywhere you want to go, there are many great benefits to be had.

Abdominal Conditioning

First, because these discs are essentially putting your body into a state of being unbalanced, this is going to evoke serious core muscle activation. If you’ve ever wanted to get a stronger core – possibly even the coveted ‘six pack abs’, these core gliding discs can help you get there. Of course your diet will play a role in determining whether or not you get lean enough to see your abs, but your strength level will dramatically increase. This added ab strength will not only help you feel better about your body, but also help support you whenever you’re doing any other exercises as well, improving your performance. Additionally, it will also help protect your back against injury as well, both now and in the future.

Improved Muscular Strength

Your abs won’t be the only thing that’s working when you use these core gliding discs. In addition to getting a terrific core workout, you’re also going to be using your lower and upper body, depending on the exercise being performed. Later on we’ll be getting into a section illustrating the various exercises that can be done using the core gliding discs and you’ll see how you can target every single muscle in the body with this simple piece of equipment.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

If you’ve had enough of the bike, treadmill, and elliptical (and let’s face it, most of us have!), the great news is these core gliding discs can o­ffer you an alternative. Again, depending on the exercise in question you’re performing, you can get your heart rate up and hold it there, providing excellent cardio benefits. This will help keep your heart healthy, boost your metabolic rate, and help you accelerate the level of fat loss you’re seeing. Remember though, even if weight loss isn’t a goal for you, getting some cardiovascular conditioning work in each week is important for all around health, so everyone should be doing it. The core gliding discs make it easy.

Low Impact

Another great benefit to be had from core gliding discs is that they are non-impact. If you’re a runner, you’re constantly putting a great deal of stress on the knees and back joints as each time you come down and land on your feet, they’re supporting your body weight. Over time, this can lead to nagging injuries that never seem to let up. With core gliding discs, since your feet are not leaving the ground, you’ll side-step this problem entirely. Even with classic weight lifting exercises, you can still be placing a great deal of strain on your joints with the heavy weight load they’re having to bare. Once again, the core gliding discs remove this issue as there is no added extra weight. These are simply bodyweight movements you’ll be doing, made more challenging thanks to the fact that your body is not stabilized as you go about doing them.

Improved Agility

Along with increasing your core strength, fitness sliders are excellent for improving your overall agility as well. These discs will help train your body to stay balanced despite that unstable surface, which will provide excellent transfer-over benefits to other sports or activities you might perform. For any athlete in training, this is a wonderful benefit that cannot be overlooked.


Finally, let’s not forget the fact they’re fun! They’re unlike anything you’ve ever tried before and you’ll find the challenge of staying balanced adds new interest to your workout sessions. If you’re feeling boredom set in and are having a hard time sticking with your usual workout sessions, these may just be the change of pace you need to get hooked on fitness again. As you can see, there are a great many benefits to be had from utilizing core sliding discs. Even if you don’t use them as your primary workout program, they are a great addition to the workouts you are already doing and you would be well served by incorporating them in a few times per week. Now that you have this background information, let’s get to your exercises.



The great news is that core sliding disc exercises are relatively easy to understand and learn, so even beginners can get started with this workout in a flash. Below you’ll find a description of the exercises along with which muscle groups you’re working. Do keep in mind that all exercises will be utilizing the core, so no matter what you choose to do, you’ll be getting a very complete abdominal workout.


Ab Glide-Out

Muscles Targeted : core, low back, shoulders, triceps Ab Glide-Out How to Perform:

1. Kneel down on the ground and place the hands on the discs directly beneath the shoulders. The body should be on a slight horizontal slant.

2. Slowly slide the arms out in directly in front of you, keeping the core tight and the head looking down.

3. Slide out as far as you can go, pause and then slide in again to complete the rep.



Calf Flicks

Muscles Targeted : core, calves

How to Perform:

1. Position yourself with your feet on the discs, legs straight with the body extended and balancing on the hands placed on the ground directly beneath the shoulders.

2. Shift one foot so that you move the ankle from facing towards the front of the body to the back wall.

3. Hold for a brief second and then return to the starting position.

4. Perform all reps to one side and then repeat on the other side.


Arm Rotations

Muscles Targeted : core, shoulders (front, rear and side delts), chest

How to Perform:

1. Place the feet down on the floor, legs extended balancing on the hands placed directly below the shoulders, each hand on a disc. Your head should be looking downward.

2. Once you’ve found your balance, you’ll want to move one arm in as large of a circle as you can comfortably make it. Make sure to move the full circle, not cutting it off­ halfway through.

3. Complete your desired reps for one arm and then switch arms and repeat.



Disc Burpee

Muscles Targeted : quads, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, chest, core, calves

How to Perform:

1. Stand in an upright position on top of the discs.

2. Now bend the knees and lower down to the ground as you place both hands on the ground in front of you.

3. Slide the feet behind you until the body is extended. Simultaneously bend the elbows as you press down into a push-up position.

4. Slide the feet back into the body and as they move underneath your chest, rebound up to the floor to standing.

5. Now extend the legs back beneath you one more time to complete the next rep.

Disc Hamstring Curl

Muscles Targeted : hamstrings, glutes, abs

How to Perform:

1. Place the back down on the floor with the arms extended down by the sides. Knees should be bent to 90 degrees, feet placed on the discs.

2. Squeeze the bum and lift the glutes up off the floor as high as you can, keeping the abs tight.

3. Once balanced, slowly extend the knees slightly and then curl back into the bum as far as you can go.

4. Repeat the process to complete the reps.


Inner Thigh Pulses

Muscles Targeted : hamstrings, glutes, inner thigh’s, core


How to Perform:

1. Place the back down on the floor with the arms extended down by your sides. Knees should be bent to 90 degrees, feet placed on the discs.

2. Squeeze the bum and lift the glutes up off the floor as high as you can, keeping the abs tight.

3. Once balanced, lift up onto the toes (keeping them on the discs) and know begin to shift the knees toward each other and then back out again.

4. Keep your hips up the entire time (don’t let them drop) and focus on using the inner thighs to guide the movement pattern.




Traveling Plank

Muscles Targeted : core, shoulders, chest, back (for stabilization), glutes, calves

How to Perform:

1. Get down in plank position with the discs under your elbows. Your feet should be placed directly behind the body, knees straight and body flat like you are a plank.

2. Slide one elbow forward, shifting the body as you do.

3. Step with the same leg as the elbow that just shifted forward and then repeat to the other side.

4. Slowly walk your way across the room while maintaining the plank position by keeping the core tight.


Hip Adduction

Muscles Targeted : Inner thigh’s, glutes, core

How to Perform:

1. Get into an upright kneeling position with the discs under each knee.

2. Once balanced, begin to separate the legs out as far as you can while keeping the core tight and back upright.

3. Pause when the two discs are as far apart as possible and then squeeze the inner thighs to bring them in again.



Gliding Leg Crossovers

Muscles Targeted : core, shoulders, triceps, glutes

How to Perform:

1. Position yourself with the feet on the discs and the upper body supported by the hands placed directly beneath you.

2. Slowly cross one foot over the body to the opposite side, gliding along with the disc.

3. Return to starting position and then repeat the process to the other side.

4. Try and keep the body straight the entire time while doing this.





Muscles Targeted : core, shoulders, triceps, biceps, glutes

How to Perform:

1. Get into a plank position balancing on the hands beneath the shoulders and the feet placed behind you, each on one a slider.

2. Contract the abs and keeping the knees straight, bring them into the upper body to form a pike.

3. Pause in this position and then reverse directions and until you’ve reached the starting position once again.




Love Handle Tamer

Muscles Targeted : obliques, core, shoulders, lats

How To Perform:

1. Sit down on your hip with the legs tucked in to the other side of the body. Place one hand down on the opposite side of the body, placed on a disc.

2. Slowly slide that hand out to the side as you lean away from the legs.

3. Go as far down as you can, pause and then return to the starting position to complete the rep.

4. Perform all reps to one side and then switch and repeat.



Mountain Climbers

Muscles Targeted : core, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, back

How to Perform:

1. Position the legs back behind the body, one foot on each disc. Your upper body should be balancing on the hands placed just down below the shoulders.

2. Slide one leg into the chest as high as you can go and then begin sliding it back out again.

3. As that leg slides back out, bring the opposite leg in and repeat the process.

4. Continue changing legs simultaneously until all reps are completed.



Reverse Lunge

Muscles Targeted : glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, core

How to Perform:

1. Stand in an upright position with one foot on top of a disc.

2. Move the foot on top of the disc back behind you as you move down into a lunge position. Bend the supporting leg as you do so.

3. Pause in this lowered position and then return to the starting position to complete the rep.

4. Switch legs once all reps are completed.



Gliding Sit-Up

Muscles Targeted : core, hamstrings

How to Perform:

1. Lay flat down on the ground with the legs extended beneath you, discs under the heels.

2. Contract the abs and move into a sit-up position.

3. While you do, simultaneously bring the heels into the body moving into the sit-up position.

4. Pause and then lower down to complete the rep.


So there you have your guide to core gliding discs. Remember they can take a bit of time getting used to, so in the beginning, focus on simply getting your form down properly. Once you’re comfortable with your form, then you can begin advancing the workouts, doing more reps, sets, and exercises per session. It won’t be long however before you are seeing excellent results from your core gliding discs. Thank you for reading.