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Foam Back Massage Roller for Muscle Recovery, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release

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  • Better mobility and faster recovery – a fitness roller improves circulation in tight and sore muscles, offering instant pain relief. It is perfect for total body deep tissue massage, myofascial release as well as targeting trigger points.

  • Versatile – a massage roller is valuable fitness equipment for all sports enthusiasts, including yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, weight training, football, rugby, boxing, bodybuilding, and MMA fans.
  • Total body relief and injury rehabilitation – our foam rollers are made from high-quality, dense EVA material and have a textured design to help you combat post-workout soreness in your back, neck, shoulders, IT Band, and legs. Regular use allows to speed up recovery, prevent injuries, and facilitate quicker rehabilitation after previous injuries.
  • Convenient and lightweight – Starwood Sports foam muscle rollers are long and wide (33 X 14 cm X 14 cm) to help you work muscles all over your body. Being ultra-strong and dense, they are also light enough for you to easily carry one in your gym bag. Take your foam roller with you to Pilates and yoga classes, and use it after weight training in the gym.
  • Free instruction guide – if you are new to using foam rollers in your routine, check out foam roller exercise guide that comes with your purchase. We made sure to include easy movements for the entire body to help you start using your new roller right away.


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    Order a foam roller online and save money on professional massage

    Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. No matter which fitness activity you are into – be it yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, or professional sport – you are well acquainted with muscle soreness that inevitably follows an intense workout session. “No pain, no gain” – is the mantra we are used to hearing. However, it is release and relaxation that actually allow your muscles to grow and increase your performance. Take it from professional athletes – these people’s regimen necessarily includes deep tissue massage and trigger point therapies. Making sure that your muscles don’t have any knots and locks is essential to preventing injuries. But what if you cannot afford masseuse services? Luckily, there is a piece of sports equipment that can provide you with the benefits of a massage at a much more affordable cost, and it is a muscle massage roller!

    Why you should use a foam roller after every workout?

    Starwood Sports online store offers the best foam rollers on the market. Thanks to their universal size, you can comfortably use them to work your entire body. Here is why you should invest in a massage roller: