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Gliding Discs – 2 Dual Sides Exercise Sliders for Carpets or Hardwood Floors

Starwood Sports UK

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Use on any surface - The smooth sides of the core sliders are suitable for use on carpets, whereas the fabric sides are ideal for laminate, hardwood or tiled floors.

Improve core strength and stabilty - Use of gliding discs can help with improving core strength, stability and range of motion. Whether you are interested in fitness, aerobics, strength training, yoga, pilates or dance, these core sliders are ideal.

Increase flexibility and mobility - Use of core gliders can help with building strength in the abdominal muscles as well as improve flexibility and mobility. 

Includes core slider exercise guide - Use our gliding discs exercise guide to enjoy the maximum benefits from your core sliding discs. Aside from building great ab strength, use of core sliders beneath the hands and feet in a variety of positions can help work multiple muscles throughout the whole body.

Lightweight and portable - Easy and convenient to take with you to the gym, an exercise class, on holiday or for home use. Wherever you may be in the world, your core gliding discs set can go with you!


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