Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
Home Workout Bundle
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    Home Workout Bundle

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      The essential Home Workout Bundle has everything you need to get your dream body from home. We’ve packed this fantastic bundle with our very best premium workout gear and sliced off £30 to give you the best value on the market. 


      The Set includes:

      1x Blue Exercise Mat so you can keep your back and knees supported on a premium padded mat for extra comfort and control when working out at home.

      3x Pull Up Resistance Bands for a full-body workout without a gym providing different levels of resistance that can be used for a wide variety of intense exercises and stretches. 

      3x Fabric Loop Bands so you can get all your booty gains and glute activation stretches covered at 3 levels of resistance.

      1x Set of Tube Bands so you can really get the full home gym experience with resistance bands with handles. This comes with a door anchor for a home cable system set up.

      1x Foam Roller so you can keep your joints and muscles ache-free by rolling out after each session. 

      2x Gliding Discs for advanced abdominal and leg movements so you can keep your abs rock hard at home.

      1x Skipping Rope with premium thick handles, perfect for intense cardio and fat burning sessions in between weight sessions and for warm-ups.

      Skip the gym and stay safe at home with this essential home set up and get the body you’ve always wanted from home.

      Delivered nationwide within 2-5 days with free shipping for Starwood Members. 

      For a full list of exercises, tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your workout set check out our workout blog and begin your fitness journey with Starwood Sports.

      We believe in our products and as such offer a lifetime guarantee on all of them.
      Yoga mat
      81x61cm, 6mm thick

      Fabric Loop Bands
      Light 6.4 – 11.3 kg (14-25lbs)
      Medium 11.3 – 15.9 kg (25-35lbs)
      Heavy 18.1 – 22.7 kg (40-50lbs

      Skipping rope
      10ft long

      Tube Bands
      Yellow 4.6 kg (10 lbs)
      Blue 9 kg (20 lbs)
      Green 13.6 kg (30 lbs)
      Black 18.2 kg (40 lbs)
      Red 22.8 kg (50 lbs)

      Foam Roller
      33 x 14 cm x 14 cm

      Pull Up Resistance Bands
      Red 7-16 kg (15-35 lbs) resistance - 1.3 cm wide
      Black 11-30 kg (25-65 lbs) resistance - 2.2 cm wide
      Purple 16-39 kg (35-85 lbs) resistance - 3.2 cm wide
      1 Exercise Mat - blue
      1 Fabric Loop Bands set
      1 Foam roller
      1 Gliding Discs set
      3 Pull Up Bands - red, black, purple
      1 Tube Bands set
      1 Skipping Rope - premium thick handles