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The Best Resistance Bands Money Can Buy

Wellness and physical activity are among the biggest trends in the 21st century. Clean eating and regular exercise have become the ultimate goals for millions of people worldwide. However, we're constantly looking for new ways to get fit and healthy on a budget as gym membership prices skyrocket. Luckily, these days, you no longer need to work out with a personal trainer to keep your body toned and lean. The Internet makes exercising at home easier than ever, and there are tons of free workouts online.

If you're not going to make your bedroom look like a gym with dumbbells and massive exercise equipment in it, it is better to go for elastic resistance bands. They can be used for training almost all parts of the body, including legs, arms, and thighs. With a set of resistance bands at your fingertips, you will be able to keep your body lean without hitting the gym. They offer different resistance levels, so you will easily adjust them to your workout program. Bands are much cheaper and safer to train with than dumbbells. What is more, they are lightweight and take up less space.

If you're looking to buy exercise bands to take your home workout to the next level, you're now in the place where you're meant to be. Starwood Sports is one of the biggest sports equipment manufacturers in the United Kingdom that offers premium quality products without putting hefty price tags on them. We pride ourselves on being the number one choice among professional athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to stay in shape.

The best fitness resistance bands for working out and physical therapy

Our store offers a wide gamut of sports accessories of premium quality. Having our own manufacturing, we take care of every detail, ensuring that our products will serve you for many years. Here’s what you can come across when browsing our catalogue of elastic resistance bands:

Each product offers a different level of resistance so that you can easily adjust them to your progressing needs and goals. This lightweight and easily portable sports equipment can work out your entire body, completely replacing free weights in your routine.

What makes our resistance bands the best sports equipment on the market

Count on the Starwood Sports store to order bands of the required resistance level and turn the following to your advantage:

  • Our bands come of uncompromised quality. They help improve strength and mobility and can be used for yoga and pilates classes as well as injury rehabilitation.

  • They serve good for every fitness level. We sell sets that include bands of different resistance. It allows you to pick the right level and gradually increase the load on your muscles.

  • Our bands offer versatility. Whether you're engaged in yoga, pilates, Crossfit, or go through injury rehabilitation, they will come in handy. Buy resistance bands from Starwood Sports and work your entire body just as effective as with free weights.

  • They are highly resistant and durable. The bands we offer are made from high-quality natural latex. The material guarantees durability and is created to withstand years after years of day resistance training.

  • Portability is another reason to shop for our resistance bands online. They are small and will take very little space in your closet. You can also easily toss them into your car or keep them in your desk drawer at the office for a quick exercise anywhere and anytime. The bands come with a carry bag to keep them organised at all times.

Are you ready to whip your body into perfect shape? Then go ahead and order a set of bands for your specific requirements and fitness level. We will deliver your purchase anywhere in the UK within 2-5 days depending on the shipping method you select at the checkout. We also offer a next day delivery, which takes 1 working day to fulfil. All orders over £20 are delivered for free! Contact us for more information.