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If you're a professional sportsman, you probably know that rope jumping is not a child's play but one of the most effective ways to boost stamina. It is not only a perfect calorie-burner but also a helpful exercise tool that helps to improve the overall fitness and health. However, Starwood Sports can take it even further. If you choose to buy a jump rope from us, you’ll get much more than just a piece of equipment.

We put a premium on our customer satisfaction, striving to provide them with top-shelf sports accessories that can enhance their exercising routine. Our skillfully made jumping ropes blend everything from a good handle grip to a durable cable. They will serve you the best way whether you're used to training in the gym or outside. The ropes we sell are considered to be the speed ones, so you will easily do your favourite jumping exercises with them, including double unders.

Stock up on our sports skipping ropes to make your workout plan complete

Are you a sports enthusiast looking to buy professional equipment to make your workout routine even more effective and stress-free? Then Starwood Sports is the right place for your shopping. Our assortment is made up of top-notch gear that will fit each sport, be it a home workout or a gym session. Check our selection of top-shelf speed ropes and turn the following to your advantage:

  • Design that helps you jump

Our skipping ropes are best for nailing your cyclic workouts. They feature the weighted cable that enables you to do double unders while controlling the intensity of your skipping. It’s a must-have tool for both men and women who want to enhance their CrossFit, MMA and fast-paced workouts.

  • Ensures tangle-free jumping

Forget about annoying knots that may trip you up during your workout. With our speed skipping ropes, you can keep up the momentum with the peace of mind that you won’t have to stop all of a sudden to untangle it. You can easily use them for conditioning, boxing or fitness workouts. Thanks to the durable cable they feature, they won't get twisted no matter what.

  • Can be sized in a snap

Adjustability is another thing that makes our sports skipping ropes stand out from the competition. The cable can be easily sized to fit your height. Adjust your rope for double unders, jumping jacks, side swings or anything else.

We are your best place in the UK to buy skipping ropes

We pride ourselves on making sports equipment affordable for everyone. This also applies to our skipping ropes. Try not to be taken aback when you scroll up to check out how wallet-friendly it is.

You can order the required jumping rope online by adding it to your cart and then going through several checkout steps. We make deliveries within the UK and do this for free for Starwood Sports members.