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Spiky Massage Balls


PAIN RELIEF – using spiky massage balls increases circulation in tight and sore muscles, reducing pain and increasing mobility. A spiky ball is a perfect tool for self-massage for the entire body. You can use it on your feet, neck, shoulders, chest, back, hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

FAST MUSCLE RECOVERY – exercise balls offer myofascial release, which prevents injuries, increases mobility, and speeds up recovery if used regularly. They are a valuable addition to your gym regimen if you are an avid lover of yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, weight training, or professional sports. You can use small spiky balls not only for myofascial release but also for acupressure, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and soft tissue massage.

VARIETY OF OPTIONS - spiky physio balls differ in sizes and firmness. If you are a beginner, go for medium firmness. An experienced user may find very firm balls a more suitable choice. You can buy a single ball or a whole set of them – choose the preferred option below. All ball sets include a carry bag.

FREE E-BOOK WITH INSTRUCTIONS – each item comes with an e-book, which includes easy exercises to help you reduce the post-workout muscle soreness and tightness throughout the body.

Buy spiky massage balls and say good-bye to sore muscles after workouts

Any experienced athlete will tell you that post-workout routine is just as important as the workout itself. After exercising muscles, you need to relax them in order to let them recover properly and grow. The usual recommendation is to stretch. However, it does not always do the trick. Sometimes, the muscles are so tight that only a good massage session can provide a myofascial release. But it does not necessarily mean that you need to pay for expensive sports massage services. Invest in a quality set of small spiky massage balls instead, and you will instantly notice the difference.

Rolling the ball on your sore spot will increase the blood flow to it, removing the knots and muscle tension. You can do this standing up against the wall or lying down on the mat. And spiky exercise balls are not just for after your workout. You can also use them to warm up your muscles before you exercise. This way, you will protect your body from injuries and decrease potential soreness. What is more, rolling out your muscles is known to increase their range of motion, which is a huge advantage for professional athletes.

Even if you don’t work out, you can still benefit from using pilates spiky massage balls. They are a perfect portable tool for office workers who spend most of their day sitting in a chair. Spend 5 minutes rolling out your trigger points after the working day to get rid of the neck and shoulder tension!

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