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        Premium Padded Mats For Yoga & Workouts

        Sport is an evitable part of most people's lives. It helps to relax and clean thoughts while keeping our bodies lean. These days we can choose from a variety of physical activities, from cycling and jogging to aerobics and yoga. Do you prefer outdoor sports? Or maybe you feel more comfortable exercising at home? Whatever your case is, you still need specific sports equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

        Here at Starwood Sports, we sell yoga exercise mats and other accessories that will make your workout routine a sheer pleasure. We use highly durable and wear-resistance materials to make sure our sports equipment will serve you for years. So, if you're looking to buy a yoga mat for practising asana and meditations, you have come to the right place. Starwood Sports is the place where evident sports fans make all products with love and care.

        How to choose a yoga mat of the best quality?

        Lots of beginners have a very general idea about picking a proper mat for their exercise goals. Usually, they end up buying the first one with a bright colour or a cool print. We are not going to advocate that the gear choice is already half of the future success in sports, but you should not belittle the role of the equipment in your athletic endeavours. For example, without a proper yoga exercise mat, it will be incredibly uncomfortable to do various intricating asana. And in some cases, it can be traumatic for your back and knees.

        The primary purpose of this product is to protect your spine, palms, feet, and head from possible injuries. That is why you should be extremely selective when it comes to buying a yoga mat online. It should be of a comfortable size and have a double-layered design to prevent you from injuries. The standard length for regular exercise mats is 180 cm., but you can find alternatives that are up to 200-220 cm. long. We would recommend measuring your height first and then adding about 10 cm. to it in order to find the optimal length of your personal mat. If you are doing various dynamic exercises, then add about 20 cm.

        As for thickness, 5-6 mm. is enough for practising in a gym or at home. But if you prefer to train outside, we recommend getting thicker models (from 8 mm. to 16 mm.). Keep in mind that a thick enough mat is the key to convenient exercising.

        What is more, your perfect mat for exercises should be made from durable material with non-slippery moisture-absorbing properties. The perfect option is a thermoplastic elastomer. It is soft to the touch and has a high level of resistance.

        Order one of our yoga mats for sale, and you won't be distracted by pain because there will be a soft layer between your body and the hard surface. Starwood Sports is always here to supply you with all necessary sports equipment to ensure your safety and ultimate comfort during yoga and pilates classes.

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        Are you looking for the best sports gear to make your workouts even more effective? Then, congrats, you have come to the right store. Here at Starwood Sports, we stand behind every product we sell, ensuring our clients get the highest quality for their money. Rely on us to get yoga mats at a price that won't bust your budget.

        If you have any questions regarding our products, payment options, or shipping, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service specialists who are always ready to help!