Starwood Flexibility Set
Starwood Flexibility Set
Starwood Flexibility Set
Starwood Flexibility Set
Starwood Flexibility Set
Starwood Flexibility Set
Starwood Flexibility Set
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    Starwood Flexibility Set

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      Keeping yourself mobile and rolling out muscles after workouts is essential for flexibility, mobility and joint health. Here at Starwood Sports, we’re all about health and longevity, so we’ve put together our best foam rolling kit so that you can keep on top of your mobility workouts both at home and in the gym. The kit includes:


      Foam Roller

      The Foam Roller is one of the most underrated products you can find in almost any gym, and once you learn how to use one it will totally change your mobility and joint health. Start using a massage roller today and thank us later when the aches and pains go away.

      The Starwood fitness roller is designed to relax tense muscles and reduce soreness by enhancing the flow of oxygen and blood to painful areas. It can also serve as a tool for myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage to facilitate recovery after a gruelling workout. The best way you can cool down after training is to use a trigger point foam roller for around 5-10 minutes hitting each of the muscle groups with multiple rolls. 


      Massage Balls

      Lacrosse balls and spiky massage balls are an essential item for any fitness enthusiast looking to recover faster and workout harder than last time. We’ve included two of our best massage balls so that you can get the most out of each recovery session. Different parts of the body require a different sized ball, firmness is based on personal preference. 

      Use your lacrosse massage ball for getting deep into your shoulder and your spiky ball to roll out your hamstrings and glutes. our massage balls target trigger points all over the body. All you have to do is place it for your soreness area (lower back, neck, forearm, calf, etc.) and do some rolling on the floor. A few minutes of applying this item will produce immediate relief, helping you feel your best again.


      Massage Stick

      Roll out your sore muscles after every workout for faster recovery and better strength gains with our best muscle roller stick. Working out hard breaks down your muscle fibres, rolling them out before they heal puts everything back in the right place so that you can grow more effectively. A Sports massage stick is the perfect way to get fast results and fewer aches and pains without visiting a traditional massage therapist. Your muscle roller stick is easy to transport and clean and comes with multifunctional handles which can be used for easy rolling and trigger point massages. 


      Stretching Straps

      Stretching Straps with loops are a powerful tool to take your pre and post-workout game to the next level. These 12 numbered hole straps are perfect for warming up and cooling down from a dance, pilates or yoga workout. They also provide extra stability when practising for more intense moves as you can force the range of motion in a controlled fashion using your upper body.  Stretching is often overlooked when workout out, it’s actually one of the core foundations of health and we highly recommend doing it every single workout increasing the range of motion over time. 


      Mobility band

      Often recommended by professional sports coaches for stretching, our best resistance band is fantastic for warming up your muscles pre-workout which reduces the risk of injury and increases joint mobility, resulting in a better workout and more gains. Once you start using a resistance band to level up your workouts you will never look back. 

      For a full list of exercises, tips and tricks on how to use your Starwood Mobility Set see our exercise guide or head over to our workout blog.

      We believe in our products and as such offer a lifetime guarantee on all of them.
      1 Foam Roller
      1 Massage Stick
      1 Lacrosse Ball
      1 Spikey Massage Ball
      1 Stretching Strap
      1 Red Resistance Band
      1 Drawstring Carry Case