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Peanut Massage Ball Roller - Double Lacrosse Massage Ball for Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release

One session with the peanut massage roller a day keeps the doctor away

Sore muscles are every athlete’s worst nightmare, especially when they are left untreated. They are the result of your workouts, which may be perfectly normal in most cases. Doesn’t that take the sting out of the painful sensations you’re experiencing? Then you can’t miss out on Starwood Sports’ massage peanut ball. It sits comfortably in your hand and works wonders for your muscles.

Designed to mimic the shape of two lacrosse balls, our peanut massage tool targets trigger points all over the body. All you have to do is place it for your soreness area (lower back, neck, forearm, calf, etc.) and do some rolling on the floor. A few minutes of applying this item will produce immediate relief, helping you feel your best again.

We offer this peanut massage ball for sale as an additional tool for yogis, Pilates practitioners, athletes and people who are sick and tired of extreme fatigue. By pampering yourself with it, you will feel the on-the-spot effect, which:

  • alleviates pain in muscles by helping them get relaxed
  • restores mobility and flexibility
  • improves joint range of motion
  • minimises delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • stimulates a speedy recovery and better workout performance

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Buy this peanut massage ball for at-home myofascial release therapy

You no longer need to see your doctor every time your muscles hurt due to tension. With Starwood Sports’ double lacrosse ball, you can self-massage even hard-to-reach myofascial trigger points. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require extraordinary skills or medical supervision to be applied. That allows you to treat your fascia and muscle knots on your own.

What makes our trigger point peanut ball even more suitable for at-home therapies is that it is lightweight yet firm enough to relieve soreness. Plus, its smooth surface greatly simplifies cleaning, while the carry bag it comes with reduces the loss risk. No more digging into your gym backpack to find that roller!

You can bring it with you wherever you go and have some muscle relaxation therapy at any time. This is especially beneficial for professional athletes who need on-point treatments on a regular basis. Simply lower the sore area onto it and say goodbye to your discomfort while rolling.

How to order Starwood Sports’ peanut roller online?

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