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Stretching Strap – Yoga Stretch Assist Strap with 12 Numbered Loops – Improve Flexibility for Dance, Gymnastics, Rugby, Football and Injury Rehab …

Starwood Sports UK

INJURY PREVENTION AND RECOVERY - for athletes looking to enhance sports performance, train harder and recover faster for the sport they love. Ideal for yoga, pilates, rugby, football, dance, ballet, gymnastics and crossfit

MULTI LOOP STRAP – 12 numbered loops help to easily monitor your progress as you improve your flexibility over time

EXTRA LONG – Measuring approximately 92” x 1.5” (234 x 4 cm). Compared to many other stretching straps, the extra length together with the multi loops allow for the performance of a greater variety of stretches and postures

FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED USERS – Premium quality stretching strap to help you improve your flexibility and mobility regardless of your current level of experience. Enjoy the benefits of progressively increased flexibility in your shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, thigh adductors and it bands

LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION? There is certainly a diverse range of a wide range of stretches that can be performed using a multi loop stretching strap. You can use the exercise guide included to help with some suggestions to get you started


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